Sunday, 31 October 2010

Weekend round-up

"Paganism" and the BBC. Two comments from Benedict Brogan here and Damian Thompson here
For the BBC, as with other secularist news services, one made-up religion is as good as another. That's certainly the implication. "What is truth, said jesting Pilate?" Happy Samhain or whatever they call it!

Fr Tomlinson with a hopeful take on Archbishop Rowan's would-be involvement with the Ordinariate process contrasted with Mrs Schori's litigiousness.  Here

Fr Hunwicke on The Catholic League's essential "Anglicans and Catholics in Communion: Patrimony, Unity, Mission"

Montreal, flying bishops and and episcopal oversight here from George Conger.
Time for a Welsh re-think? If only the C in W leadership weren't so chummy with the provinces due south of the border.

The TAC Synod from Fr Chadwick here

And a decidedly politically incorrect cartoon - a Muslim Adam and Eve - anachronistic, but rather amusing, nevertheless and about as silly as the whole western debate about the burqua itself. Who cares what they wear so long as they are not forced into it? Civil rights are either important or they are not.

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