Sunday, 9 January 2011

The end of the Season of Christmas

"Get we up to Jerusalem, the holy city; enquire we there of the word of God, and at "the mouth of the Priest," (which God hath said "shall preserve knowledge" for others' good, whatever for his own;) - ask, I say, and enquire there how we shall find our Christ; rejoice we ever in the light of heaven, walk by it, make much of it, of all holy motions and inspirations; continue in it; and let neither the tediousness of the way, nor the frailty of our own flesh, nor any stormy or tempestuous weather, any cross or trouble, nor any winter coldness of our own dull bosoms, nor sometimes the loss even of our guides, those heavenly and spiritual comforts, which God sometimes in his secret wisdom withdraws from us,) nor any carnal reason or interest, deter us from our search after this Babe of heaven, after Christ the Saviour; but go on constantly and cheerfully through all these difficulties to the house of God, to the Church of Christ: then shall we be sure to find Him "with his mother" - our souls find him, our affections embrace him; then will he be exalted in us, and exalt us from this house, the Church militant below, to that above, the Church triumphant in the heavens; this Child make us grow from grace to grace, till come to the perfect stature of himself, here of grace, and hereafter of eternal glory."
          Mark Frank [1613 - 1664] 1st Sermon on the Epiphany

& to mark the end of the Christmas Season:

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