Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Will this be now also part of English Catholic Patrimony? The Magnificat  & Nunc Dimittis from the St Pauls' Service by Herbert Howells, born just a few miles from here at Lydney in Gloucestershire.

"You say that approved rites of the Anglican tradition can be used in Ordinariate parishes. There are existing ones, such as employed in Anglican Use parishes in the United States. Are new ones envisaged?"
"When we’re talking about Anglican patrimony we’re talking about more than the particular Missal you use for the celebration of Mass. We’re looking at a Sacramentary which would contain a range of rites, not just the celebration of Mass but celebrations of weddings or funeral rites, house blessings, and so on, which reflect that Anglican patrimony. Another major one would be the derogation from the Roman Breviary, to make more use of traditional Anglican morning prayer and evensong. So there’s a whole range of areas of liturgy that might be accommodated in a Supplementary which reflects that Anglican patrimony. I don’t know, but I don’t envisage that this would take the form of a multiplication of rites; I imagine that there would be one rite agreed for all the English-speaking ordinariates of the world."

From Austen Iverleigh's interview yesterday with Fr Marcus Stock in America Magazine. Read the full interview here
Let's not lose sight of the reason for the Ordinariate. It's not a bolt-hole for disaffected and (so-called) 'Romanising' Anglican clergy. This is the repatriation into its true home of all that is beautiful, valuable and enduring in the Anglican tradition. It should not be left to the mercy of those who now do not value it and are increasingly ignorant of its riches.

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