Tuesday, 25 January 2011

News from SSWSH

The Mission Society of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda has this pastoral letter from 12 bishops of the Church of England on its website [here]
Whatever our own plans may be for the future, for the sake of our Anglo-Catholic brothers and sisters who are determined to remain in the Church of England at all costs we cannot but wish the bishops well in the task ahead of them.
They have no unrealistic hopes about their chances of success:
"We do not want to build up false hopes. Every attempt we have made so far to persuade the Church of England to make the kind of provision that would enable us in good conscience to remain within its fellowship has been thwarted. We feel, nevertheless, duty bound, once again to seek a way out of the impasse that otherwise would make it impossible for many of us to remain faithful members of our Church. We recognise the huge change of heart that would need to happen for us to succeed......"
Of course, 'traditionalist' Welsh Anglicans intent on remaining part of the Church in Wales cannot even entertain such modest hopes as these.....

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