Saturday, 8 January 2011

If we were in any doubt...

If you were in any doubt about the nature of the forces now propelling the Anglican Communion to the wilder reaches of heterodoxy, read this 
Actually, it's not the blessing of same sex unions which upsets me most, it's the lies people are prepared to tell  in order to push the envelope.
The difficulty Anglican Catholics have found is that we simply cannot do business with those who behave in that kind of way. The pity is that it is now far too late to save Anglicanism (and the future of ecumenism) from the liberal one-way street and from those who regard 'dialogue' as just another means to achieve their predetermined end, and where a 'period of reception' means just giving the bigots enough time to adjust.
It's hardly surprising that under these conditions some of us are looking to an authority which doesn't depend for its legitimacy on the latest leading article in The Guardian (or the New York Times... whatever)
Now, those who are too 'loyal' to draw the obvious conclusions from all this, how do you propose to co-exist with those who are totally impervious to any arguments from tradition or scripture and who regard those who oppose them as not only wrong but (at their most polite) psychologically flawed? And do you seriously think co-existence is on their agenda?

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