Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Not goodbye - yet

 I was sad to see the announcement of the imminent end of the Saint Barnabas Blog.
It has been in the forefront of those writing first in fearless support of beleaguered Anglo-Catholics, and later in its unqualified welcome of the Ordinariate. We can all look forward to the blog's and its editor's new incarnation!

This blog (LNYD) has been written on a much more modest scale and is not the official mouthpiece of any particular parish, and as such will continue for the foreseeable future, hoping to give a little encouragement and support to those who for a while longer are forced to sing the Lord's song in (what has become) a strange land.


  1. Wales is indeed a Strange Land!

  2. Only since the 'Darkness' moved over the land Doodler.


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