Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hunwicke redivivus and other stories

John Hunwicke will soon be Fr Hunwicke once again. Those who have been in turns educated, informed, captivated and entertained by his blog 'Liturgical Notes' can only wish him great joy. The list of the Ordinariate's candidates for ordination is here.  It also includes several names from the T.A.C.

Two posts from Ed West at the Telegraph here and here, on the subject of  the selective blindness of political liberals (doesn't this kind of establishment self-censorship simply play into the hands of the conspiracy theorists and the racists of the B.N.P.?) and the liberal dream world which is the TV series 'Homeland.' - don't consider the facts, be guided by the ideology.
A couple of excerpts:

"...The theory behind free movement was that people around the world were interchangeable and that, once exposed to British air, people would adopt British attitudes and world views. But that doesn't necessarily happen, especially when a society is in its decadent stage; and history tells us that where barbarism and decadence clash, women are going to get hurt. Because the anti-racism movement became the core of the liberal conscience, when stories of sexual harassment and more began to filter down no one wanted to know..."

"....My mother came back from holiday last week, arriving at half eleven at night, where she had to spend an hour getting through airport security. Of course a 68-year-old white woman could have been an al-Qaeda operative, just as a US Marine could be a terrorist – after all, it happens on television.Not that I won’t be drooling over the prospect of season two. The problem is that liberals are just so good at making dramas – perhaps because their entire worldview is a fiction..."

And two contrasting views of the Cardinal Brady affair in Ireland from commentators Dr William Oddie and Jenny McCartney. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this case - and it is more complicated than it sounds - the dangers of an overly juridical approach to pastoral issues (and sickening criminality in this case) are starkly evident.

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