Tuesday, 15 May 2012

News updates

Catching up with news of the developing Ordinariate  from around the world.
Some news from the United States [here]  via The Anglo-Catholic.
And, of course, the announcement of the new Australian Ordinariate  [here

The Church of Ireland votes to uphold Christian marriage [here] but with dissenting episcopal voices [here] 

On the same subject , The National Secular Society supports the Archbishop Cranmer blog's right to free speech [here]. But Ed West in The Telegraph [here] has doubts about their use of language: 

"But such attacks on political and religious freedom would not have been possible if people had not created the atmosphere by the promotion of hate words: calling your opponent a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, an Islamophobe or any of the other phobias that have sprung up in recent years sends a message that, whatever their argument, they have been corrupted by some hateful mental defect, and can therefore be discounted. And if they are motivated by hate, and their opinions are worthless, then isn’t the next logical step that the law should protect people from their bile?"

In defence of liturgical pluralism [here] (thanks to Fr Chadwick for the link)

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