Thursday, 3 May 2012

New bishop to be 'Catholic traditionalist'

Many congratulations to Bishop Martin Warner on his appointment as the new Bishop of Chichester in the Church of England. [here] 
It's good news for all of us, even across the border in Wales where such an appointment would now be impossible, and the outlook for Anglican Catholics and traditionalists generally is an even bleaker one than in England. 
We shouldn't make exaggerated claims about this: one swallow doesn't make a summer - as we know from our present weather conditions - but it is nevertheless encouraging that such an appointment can still be made in the Church of England  in spite of the synodical storm clouds, not so much on the horizon, but practically filling the sky.
His appointment may not be a sign of better times ahead (and more to do with the make up of the Chichester diocese itself), but it is some help and support to all of us as the light  fails.

This is an interview with Bishop Warner dating from 2010, soon after his appointment as Bishop of  Whitby

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