Wednesday, 16 May 2012

More on women bishops for Wales

George Conger writes:
"...In a paper given to last month’s meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales, the bishops said that while they wish to “uphold the principle of respect for those, who in conscience, cannot accept that women can be ordained to holy orders,” they would not permit the creation of any legal structures to safeguard these principles. The paper stated the bishops “do not feel able to support any scheme for the reintroduction of alternative episcopal oversight, such as the appointment of a Provincial Assistant Bishop...”
So - the bishops (collectively they are a very different animal)  "uphold the principle of respect," but refuse to enshrine this principle constitutionally. Now, if one were inclined to be suspicious (heaven forbid that traditionalists might believe they have reason to be) one might think they have no intention of honouring it in practice. Or perhaps they simply feel it unjust to bind their successors to acting honourably.
Full report here Thanks to Anglican Ink

On the subject of smoke and mirrors and the absence of a sense of natural justice, Cranmer [here - ASA Semantics and Lies] has some more information about the workings of the ASA's complaints inverstigations. This is how our country is now run?

Peter Tatchell, however, for once agrees with his opponents and wishes to amend section 5 of the Public Order Act to remove the highly subjective and, in practice, repressive phrase "insulting words or behaviour" [here]

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