Monday, 18 March 2013

Just 'irredeemably' rude

Dr David Starkey, the constitutional historian once known with good reason as 'the rudest man in Britain' and notorious for an intemperate and highly offensive personal attack on Archdeacon George Austin during a radio programme [see here] (something which in a more civilised age would have ended his media career there and then) has done it again, once more courtesy of the BBC, this time describing the Catholic Church as 'irredeemably corrupt' and St Thomas Becket as the 'patron-saint of child abusers.' [here]
Despite posing somewhat arrogantly in the accompanying photograph in The Telegraph article at the back of a church - as if he owned the place - not uncommon these days,  Dr Starkey is, no doubt for the usual twenty first century reasons, no friend of the Christian faith. But there is a more serious point, why is space so often given on the airwaves for those who, rather than offering an intelligent and reasoned critique, simply indulge their vanity in outbursts of, yes, stupid and outrageous invective? It diminishes and demeans the culture for all of us.

Well, in what is sauce for the goose, Eccles and Bosco (in a post which sums things up rather well) has a picture of him (with photoshopped headgear) walking a chocolate labrador. 
So, I thought, he likes dogs, he can't be that bad....ah, hold on a moment...

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  1. Interesting how Starkey et al consume endless column inches and hours of air-time insisting the that Catholic Church is irrelevant & of no interest to those outside the faith. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks ...


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