Friday, 1 March 2013

"We believe in a God who knows how to get out of the grave"

Highly recommended: Padre Tex writing about predictions of the 'imminent death of Christianity' Read it all here. What he says reminds me in many ways of the consistent views of the future of the Church of someone quite eminent, now retired. 
"...So yes, according to many markers, Christianity is dying. As a matter of fact I would have to say that it is definitely dying and that it needs to die, and quickly… at least the sort of Christianity we see these days. The Christianity that is no longer organic to real life has to die. We need to recover our agrarian roots but culturally and religiously. The sort of complex, artificial life of the merchant is moribund and contains no joy other than that found in things. It is a selfish, pornographic pleasure. That Christianity will die with all of its large mega-church excitement which has to constantly remake itself into ever more complex varieties.
But there is enormous hope I believe, because I really do believe. The hope is, as G. K. Chesterton so beautifully put it, we believe in a God who knows how to get out of the grave. The Church has died many times over the centuries through schisms, controversies, and persecutions. But she has always risen from the tomb that has been prepared for her. For Christ will not stay in the grave, for he liveth...."            "...
The question for us personally is which church do we belong to? Do we prefer the social church, bound by our own ilk and tastes, which is headed quickly to the grave, or do we prefer the Church which is ever young, ever alive and lives in the simplest and most connected manner of all—our authentic daily lives?                       If we are part of the first sort of church, I suppose we should enjoy it while it lasts but know that it won’t be much longer to survive that way. Churches that are simply “chapels of ease” or convenience have a very short shelf life. But if we want to embrace Christianity as something real and authentic, then we need to let go of the world’s values and begin to live with the Church’s life. I know that for some of you that will be very difficult indeed. It will challenge every aspect of your life from your daily routines to your politics. If you are in business it will make demands there too. But it is the only way you will find any real joy. And, of course, you already know that to be true..."

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