Friday, 8 March 2013

"I may be killed if I write this"

While the western media now seem to be indulging in ridiculously extravagant mourning for the left-wing anti-American du jour (or should that be d'hier?) hardly anyone seems to have picked up on this example of attempted repression closer to home - in the liberal, democratic country of Denmark. 
From The Spectator here - Douglas Murray interviews Lars Hedegaard, the journalist and advocate of free speech, who narrowly escaped assassination on his own doorstep last month.
Even those who are routinely represented as politically eccentric, or somehow 'extreme' in their views have both a right to freedom of speech and freedom from murderous assault - one would have thought...
But the real enemies of freedom are not those who resort to acts of violence, but those who stand idly by and watch them do it, or, in the case of the media, are too afraid of being accused of 'islamophobia,' or who are ideologically committed to (in PR terms) a wholly counter-productive form of multi-culturalism, to include such incidents in their news schedules. 

And, of course, as Holy Week approaches, the British media are at it again; as if the outrageously self-important John Humphrys' throw away lines about molesting clergy weren't bad enough, what about this [from Cranmer herefor an egregious example of cultural insensitivity - 'christianophobia' perhaps, for anyone interested in competing in the fashionable race for victim status? 

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