Monday, 18 March 2013

This is really not 'liberalism' - not as we know it here...

Both for those who seem to be increasingly angst-ridden about the new Pope's seeming change of sartorial style (I know one can't dismiss the symbolism entirely, but...) and for those, on the other side of the aisle, who are desperately longing to see in him overt signs of theological liberalism and can't wait for a repudiation of much that has been achieved liturgically and theologically by Pope Benedict,  here is a very sane post from Fr Dwight Longenecker. 
The blogosphere can get very fevered at times: Shawn Tribe at the NLM also has it about right [here]
" interesting as it will be to see how the papal liturgies unfold over the next years, more crucial will be what is happening on the ground at the parish level for it is ultimately there where the new liturgical movement is based at this stage of its life; there and in the writings and researches put forward by the liturgical conferences we have spoken about, the books and periodicals that are put out, etc. As it was in the 20th century Liturgical Movement, so too again now..."
Why am I so interested? This 'side of the Tiber' (not an expression to be used too frequently) we know real liberalism when we see it (pink in tooth and claw, intolerant of Catholic orthodoxy and clothed in stripy polyester if it gets anywhere near an altar)  and, despite not wearing red shoes, mozzetta and cufflinks [another good article by Rocco Palmo here] Pope Francis is not a theological liberal.... he really isn't...

lest we forget....

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  1. Maybe no cuff linls, but the ear rings are quite impressive!


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