Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Voting ......

Just a few links today for interested (outside) observers:

The Moynihan Letters  are giving us fascinating glimpses into the papal election: far more interesting than the rather stale conservative / liberal speculation indulged in by much of the mainstream media.

It would be easy to say the election doesn't matter, that I don't have a horse in this race (or admission to the course, to continue the analogy) But the cardinals' choice will affect all Christians, particularly those outside the fold who still make an attempt to adhere to Catholic faith and practice, whatever the theological chaos which surrounds them. The Roman Catholic Church is not a sect. It matters, as we can see from those in the media and elsewhere who sneer yet stick around to comment.
And in ecumenical terms, Peter has the care of all the churches, interpret that how you will..

Fr Z is in Rome for the Conclave and blogging away despite the weather ...

As well as its usual news and comment the Catholic Herald is giving frequent updates and related opinion as the smoke makes it evident that each vote has taken place.  The Telegraph has live video here and embedded below

And lastly and most importantly, we should hold all our ('Roman' - and when I use that word  it's not meant as an insult or a limitation or qualification - far from it ) Catholic brothers and sisters in our prayers as the voting process goes on inside the Sistine Chapel; this is really significant - perhaps most particularly now ...


  1. I can't see why any follower of Christ should be indifferent or hostile to the events going on in Rome. The next Pope will be crucial in the process of determining (a) whether the Christian West can finally overcome the post-Reformation divisions and (b) whether those divisions will be replaced by a (worse) liberal-conservative faultline affecting all major churches.

    We need to pray - insistently...


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