Friday, 12 July 2013

A better Swedish model ...

It seems the Anglican provinces in Britain will soon follow the Church of Sweden (to simplify matters somewhat - at one time a "High Church Lutheran" ecclesial body with claims to a valid apostolic succession) into - unarguably - a complete abandonment of the apostolic tradition of holy order.
Perhaps here - courtesy of the Ohio Anglican Blog - is a rather better Scandinavian example to follow, that of Bo Giertz, Bishop of Gothenburg from 1949 to 1970, theologian, novelist, and outspoken opponent of the liberal trajectory of the Swedish Church.
"The Church is and exists, first and foremost, in that moment when the bishop as a heavenly instrument stands in his congregation's midst and celebrates the liturgical mysteries, full of joy and light and life. In this way the Church is for these people the shining city on a hill, whose walls are always brilliant with light... Here I understood better than ever the very nature of the Church: she is not an institution for grievances, not a protest organization, nor a device for social improvements or any other "goal"; she is the heavenly joy's sanctuary, in which we enter, filled with overwhelming joy..."
You can find a brief biography here and a bibliography here

Yet, of course, despite his resistance, the Swedish Church is still as it is today and a warning to us all .... I was going to write, 'before it's too late,' but on second thoughts...

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