Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A.C. Grayling takes the bait ...

The populist media philosopher du jour, A.C. Grayling (he of the coiffure which indicates either an enormous ego or very bad eyesight) takes a predictable swing at the Church of England:
“I think the argument that any secularist might put is that a religious organisation, a church, should be considered an interest group, it’s a lobby – like a trade union or political party or even the Women’s Institute,” he said.
“It should have of course every right to exist and every right to put its point of view, every right to try to persuade others of its point of view, but it should have no more rights, no more privilege than any of those other interest groups or lobbyists in society.
“And of course for historical reasons, and in our own country for constitutional reasons, religion has been given a massive megaphone. Its footprint in the public square is out of all proportion to the actual support that it has...."
Read it all here at The Telegraph 

However much we might seek to distance ourselves from Professor Grayling's extreme and repugnant secularist views on  virtually every other subject (being one of the most vocal apologists of the ' culture of death'), here he  may have a good point, particularly since our leaders seem intent on making the Church identical to the W.I. in every respect .... 


  1. Have we acquired a Damian Thompson fixation with hair-dos now, Fr?

    1. I hope not! But in Anthony Grayling's case, it is difficult to ignore: Napoleon's Old Guard wore something rather similar....


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