Saturday, 27 July 2013

Surely as night follows day ...

The growth of a culture of rights without responsibilities, and the concomitant rush to proscribe anything which can be interpreted (on the subjective feelings of the supposed 'victim,' naturally) as "hate speech" will lead inevitably to this kind of cultural madness: an American  military chaplain censured for quoting the words, not even of Scripture, nor of a spiritual classic, but of a past president of the U.S.A.  :
"...Reyes recently wrote an essay entitled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II.” This common saying is attributed to a Catholic priest in World War II, made famous when President Dwight D. Eisenhower said during a 1954 speech: "I am delighted that our veterans are sponsoring a movement to increase our awareness of God in our daily lives. In battle, they learned a great truth that there are no atheists in the foxholes."As reported by Fox News’s Todd Starnes, when Reyes referenced this famous line in his essay, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) contacted the base commander, Col. Brian Duffy, demanding he take action on Reyes’s “anti-secular diatribe.”MRFF’s letter says that by Reyes’s “use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members.” They accuse him of violating military regulations....."
Full report here 

Truly, as a post-Christian society, by way of paradox, we in the West are supping with the Devil - there are no spoons long enough....

Meanwhile, President Eisenhower's successor,  giving a passable imitation of the Manchurian Candidate - the last (2004) film of which neatly illustrates Hollywood's inversion of the truth  -  praises Ho Chi Minh - from the Wall Street Journal [here] and comment from Fr Z [here]
And, no, before anyone suggests otherwise, I don't think President Obama is a communist mole, just a representative postmodern liberal who, unlike his more illustrious predecessors,  has read only one side of the law faculty's reading list; we have a similar phenomenon here, except sometimes they call themselves Conservatives ...

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