Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wales: organ donation: presumed consent

Again, the sacrifice of our our traditional freedoms to the all-consuming embrace of the modern 'democratic' State continues. The undoubted worthiness of the cause of increased organ donation can never justify this. Who owns our bodies?
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  1. Unusually I am with the Archbishop of Wales on this one. Presumed consent is abhorrent and reminiscent of the body snatchers.

  2. Where is the money for say 1000 more transplants and the lifetime of drugs needed?

  3. The Welsh public were promised a 'soft' opt out version for organ donation where the family would have the last say, The First Minister, quoted in ‘The Observer’ before the last Assembly elections, said this: “We have decided on soft presumed consent, where relatives can veto organ donation,.... ..we don't want to be in a position where we are taking organs against the wishes of the family. There is no question of that." However, all attempts by Darren Millar A.M. to convert the Human Transplantation Bill into a soft opt-out were voted down and what we have is a 'hard' opt-out where relatives can only try to show that the deceased did not want to donate.They do not have a veto.
    In addition, evidence from doctors showed that they do not believe that they have the capacity to deal with any extra organs; it is not just a question of implanting them but also of removing them, both of which need specialists. In Sept 2012, the Transplant Service reported that 85 organs were not fit to be used because they had been damaged in removing them.
    Last year, the number of donors dropped from 67 to 52 in spite of all the publicity about organ donation. This means that if there is a massive increase in organs then it will be being taken from people who would not have given them willingly. Donation means a gift given freely. This Bill is content to seize organs that is why the word donation was dropped from the title of the Bill and is now called the Human Transplantation Bill.

  4. A personnal not a decision to be made by Government. This needs to be repealed.


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