Saturday, 20 July 2013

The London Plan

A revised version of the London Plan is published here (pdf)
It repays a detailed study, particularly in view of the proceedings of the last meeting of the C of E's General Synod.
It would seem, though, from some of the negative comments on the Thinking Anglicans blog that those who say that many - not all - liberals (particularly, perhaps, so-called 'liberal or affirming catholics' ) won't be satisfied until the last traditionalist is driven out of the Church of England  are absolutely right.... 
The aim of course is, paradoxically, to create an 'inclusive'  theologically monolithic ecclesial community (we now know the agenda and the tactics used to implement it very well) - perhaps we could say, by way of a topical civic analogy from across the Atlantic,  something on the lines of the city of Detroit?

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