Saturday, 3 May 2014

Moment of triumph ...?.

From the BBC [here]

"A procession through London has been held to celebrate 20 years since the first women were ordained as priests in the Church of England.
Hundreds of women priests and supporters marched from Westminster Abbey to St Paul's Cathedral.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, told those gathered at St Paul's the CofE still had a "long way to go"...."

As Robert Pigott stated in the BBC Radio 4 news bulletin this evening, this was indeed their moment of triumph. 
Of course unmentioned - indeed, unmentionable now perhaps, such is the deference accorded the anniversary - is the fact that for the work of ecumenism what happened in 1994 was a unmitigated disaster, and we can be sure that the less-than-glorious-revolution in the Anglican world is far from over yet.
Today's church is smaller, more secularised and, paradoxically, less relevant to people's lives than ever before ... 

A procession through the streets of London - a kind of photographic negative (a dark parody, certainly, even if unintentional) of the Anglo-Catholic Congresses?

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  1. "photographic negative"? good call. will quote.


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