Saturday, 10 May 2014

More on the Harvard Satanists

I hesitate to give even more publicity to this trifling incident, but connoisseurs of  the contemporary secular misuse (or is it redesigning?) of the English language will appreciate this follow up story particularly...

The Archdiocese of Boston has now been accused of paranoia and intolerance for opposing the forthcoming 'Black Mass' ritual on the Harvard University campus [here] - and see yesterday's post
It appears that Satanists are really caring individuals who are kind to animals and have massive social outreach programmes to the poor and marginalised; they have been much misunderstood, being really 'affirmative' about their 'faith.' All right, I made up the first bit ....

But two points  emerge even from the diabolically vacuous and misleading statement issued by the group concerned; and it's curious, isn't it how so much modern talk about 'diversity' and 'tolerance' is so easily manipulated to justify the amoral and the indefensible?
Firstly, the group worships ...  Satan.
And if that weren't enough, its central rituals are designed to be open and explicit mockeries of the Mass, including real or pretended desecration of the Eucharistic species.

There's not a great deal of elbow room there for anything very affirmative, one might think - the movement's very raison d'etre is hatred and sneering derision of the faith of others,  its 'liturgical'  formulae consisting entirely of hate-speech.
As they say, get around that one ..... 

But none of this matters, since they tell us "offense (sic)  is anachronistic" - Really?  I would have thought the whole modern rights culture behind which this less than worthless group is sheltering is based precisely upon a morbid fear of people taking offence, often intervening to impose  a heavy-handed degree of censorship even where no offence is intended. In this case, of course, offence is at the very heart of the story and very much intended.
'Satanists' are very fortunate that their 'religion' is not designed to be a mockery of Islam ....

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