Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pope and Patriarch in Bethlehem

Pope Francis is to meet Patriarch Bartholomew in Bethlehem on May 25th. [A report from ZENIT here
It is an encouraging sign that the official Orthodox delegation [announced here] cannot by any stretch of the imagination be described as exactly theologically underpowered.
While our own leaders in the Anglican Communion have been constrained by recent ecclesiologically incoherent decisions to explore the wilder reaches of Protestant ecumenism - that is now the future we are confined to, barring a miracle [see here for the inevitable consequences of such unfaithfulness in the U.S.A.]  - we must hope that progress can be made towards a reconciliation of  the ancient Apostolic Sees of East and West and a restoration of unity. 
Most commentators agree that that day is not imminent, but we should pray for ever greater theological understanding and practical cooperation between Rome and Constantinople: the future of the Church depends upon it.

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