Saturday, 16 March 2013

Not 'High Church' versus humility and service of the poor

Here's a message the Ordinariate might usefully make known to the wider Catholic Church, particularly in this period of 'transition.' Humility and service of the poor and sound Catholic teaching, reverently celebrated liturgy and glorious ceremonial are not opposed, but can and are intended to go hand in hand.  There's a whole tradition in Anglo-Catholicism which makes that point very clearly indeed. 
Perhaps the American Cardinal Roger Mahony [here and here] (if it is indeed he and not an imposter) should talk to some 'former Anglicans.'
'Social media' has a lot to answer for: in many ways we were far better off without it, and those who never miss an opportunity to grandstand on it.
Again, as only a 'separated' observer, it's not my concern, but it is extremely painful and very sad to watch this kind of cruel and silly political posturing at the expense of a profound theologian and humble man of God, now in prayerful seclusion and quiet retirement. 

These, however, are the words of Pope Francis [again reported here and here]:

Speaking at times off the cuff, Francis said Benedict had "lit a flame in the depths of our hearts that will continue to burn because it is fuelled by his prayers that will support the church on its missionary path."
"In these years of his pontificate, he enriched and invigorated the church with his magisterium, his goodness, guide and faith," Francis said. Pausing for effect, he added: "His humility and his gentleness."

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  1. Cardinal Mahony truly evokes the meaning of "twit". Thank God for Archbishop Gomez.



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