Sunday, 30 October 2011

"a breath of Celtic Christianity" - NOT

According to this report by George Conger, the diocese of Atlanta (TEC - where else?) has a motion at its annual convention to rehabilitate the theology of Pelagius. Once again,  I didn't believe it at fiirst , but sure enough, here it is on the list of resolutions.
I nearly choked when I read this (comment and italics are mine):
"The proposed resolution has brought mixed responses from the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies chat room, with some ridiculing the notion that the Diocese of Atlanta believed itself capable of redefining church doctrine." [that begs quite a few questions in itself, given TEC's  - and not just TEC's - stance on an increasing number of issues]   "However, other deputies have endorsed the resolution saying it gives a breath of Celtic Christianity to the Episcopal Church and enhances the church’s theological diversity."

Writing from the land of St David, who was above all a vigorous orthodox opponent of pelagianism, it strikes me that whatever this is, it isn't historically authentic 'celtic christianity' (a much abused term over the years in any case.)  
I assume (I could be wrong) the resolution has absolutely no chance of being passed; the real question concerns how on earth it managed to find its way on to the agenda of a Christian diocese at all.
But this being TEC, I suppose it was predictable, some might even ask, how did it take this long?

The thought did occur to me that we should start a competition - 'Vote for your favourite heresy.' The winner (determined by which doctrinal error finds itself 'officially' recognised first) wins a one way ticket to .......... I don't have Atlanta in mind...


  1. You really should not take TEC seriously, save seriously in error. Error has a impossible-to-shake-off habit of begetting yet more eror.

  2. What about a new heresy - Episcopaliamerilesbihomodowhatyoufeelism?


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