Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It seems as if St Paul's Cathedral will re-open its doors at the end of the week; the health and safety issues presumably having been resolved. The whole episode does no one any credit, neither the protesters who chose such a soft target to make their less than coherent views known (and, according to one daily newspaper, abandoned their tents at night for somewhere more comfortable), nor the Cathedral administration itself which has emerged from this looking, to put things in their most favourable light, a little inconsistent.
The highlight of the whole story seems to be  a seemingly impromptu, 'flash,' outdoor celebration of evensong, a counter-protest in solidarity with the Church. This idea has potential...
There remains the threat of the forcible expulsion of the anti-capitalists by the City of London authorities which, again, would be a completely foolish and counter-productive over-reaction. In fact, the only thing which could be said in its favour is that it would provoke (or, so he says) the resignation of the ubiquitous Canon Chancellor - just kidding!

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