Thursday, 27 October 2011

"I have handed in my notice:" News links & updates

No, not me, but see who has - below...

More on the St Paul's protest for those following the confusion:
A statement of support from the Bishop of London [here]
Canon Giles Fraser does resign - report from the BBC [here] - something to bring a fleeting ray of sunshine into the otherwise joyless lives of  "narrow-minded puritans" everywhere. [See here]

The Ordinariate liturgy?  Of more than academic interest to everyone on the catholic wing, regardless of their immediate plans and prospects. Actually worth watching for all concerned with 'Anglican' liturgical developments, particularly given the long needed reform of the reform agenda of Rome, evidenced by the new translation of the missal.
Masses ad orientem may be the norm, says Mgr Burnham [here]
And, again, on the wider subject of liturgical patrimony [here]

A reminder, too, of the study day at Belmont Abbey on 5th November (a significant date?) for those wishing to explore the idea of an Ordinariate group in Wales. See here for further details.
This is a crucial development, both for those of us who will go and those of us who will stay, given the ecclesial assisted suicide pact which seems to be the contemporary Church in Wales. For many, though not all, now there is somewhere else to go. One wonders what the response from the Church in Wales hierarchy will be, if any. Common sense, not to mention self-preservation, would seem to suggest that this is a good opportunity for a new spirit of generosity in their attitude towards traditionalists, but my own suspicion is that the Bench's hands are firmly tied by the strength of the equality-at-any-cost lobby ...

Professor Dawkins, the Sheldonian, and the empty chair. [here]
I don't share the author's obvious admiration for the "Oxford Martyrs" (Cranmer & Ridley, that is - since first reading it I've never been able to get Dom Gregory Dix's wicked summation of Cranmer's own eucharistic theology out of my head* Cranmer? Not weak, but perhaps a well-deserved victim of his own doctrine of the Royal Supremacy), but apart from that....

* "Cranmer's prayer of oblation virtually  puts 'These are our bodies' in the place of 'This is my Body' - and that is not the eucharist."
(Dix: 'The Shape of the Liturgy' Chapter XVI - well worth reading in full - and it needs to be in full - to understand where many of us are coming from)
Of course Dix also says (writing in the 1940s) on the same subject:
"The Church of England has officially rejected the most characteristic of Cranmer's doctrinal notions on the eucharist ever since 1559. but it has continuously had to use a liturgy which was quite brilliantly designed to express those particular notions." 

Shocking evidence of the denial of basic civil liberties by the British State
or at least its largest employer, the NHS - from Valle Adurni [here]
One seriously wonders about the sanity of those who make decisions like this.

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