Monday, 31 October 2011

"...reflecting back the light with which we have been illuminated"

Fra Angelico: Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven

Monday reflection:  for the Eve of All Saints

“...Compared with the sight of God in heaven, our present glimpses of him seem little or nothing, indeed; and yet they are not altogether nothing. Even today, when we pray, the hand of God does somewhat put aside that accursed looking-glass, which each of us holds before him, and which shows each of us our own face. Only the day of judgement will strike the glass for ever from our hands, and leave us nowhere reflected but in the pupils of the eyes of God. And then we shall be cured of our self love, and shall love, without even the power of turning from it, the face that is lovely in itself, the face of God; and passing from the great Begetter to what is begotten by him, we shall see his likeness in his creatures, in angels and in blessed saints, returning at long last the love which has been lavished on us, and reflecting back the light with which we have been illuminated. To that blessed consummation, therefore may he lead all those for whom we pray, he who is love himself, who came to us at Bethlehem, and took us by the hand.”
Austin Farrer (1904 – 1968) : from the sermon:       The Ultimate Hope  (from A Celebration of Faith)

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