Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Unhelpful .... and fully intended to be

We've heard from the Episcopal Provost (Dean) of Glasgow before [see here], over his (as some of us thought at the time) rather ill-judged remarks attacking Bishop Tom Wright's orthodox views on human sexuality - or, actually, and much more worryingly, protesting at the former Bishop of Durham being given a teaching post at a Scottish university: clearly the right to hold a job enabling someone to express his views according to conscience is one which is to be denied to those who transgress against the new orthodoxy. And we thought the Soviet Union was dead and buried....

But those of us who long for some kind of a united witness by the various Christian Churches and ecclesial bodies in Britain against the seemingly unstoppable march of secularism will be dismayed at his latest outburst, this time aimed at recent statements by members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Scotland on the subject of plans to change the marriage laws to allow same-sex 'marriage.' *

[*As opposed to civil partnerships conferring equal legal civil rights with which, again, many of us have no argument whatsoever. However, equal rights before the law seems to be part of yesterday's liberal agenda, now it's just not enough. Any opposition has to be muzzled, misrepresented and demonised as incurably prejudiced, and the traditional language of social institutions, which may be thought to present a problem, if not an insuperable barrier, redefined to mean just what they want it to mean - a fair approximation of totalitarianism, one might think?
Clearly, there are problems ahead for those naïve enough to hold on to the view that 'tolerance' doesn't necessarily involve agreement.]

Thanks to TitusOneNine for this report from The Times:

"A leading cleric has launched a withering attack on the Catholic leaders of a campaign against gay marriage, labelling them “out of touch, arrogant, conceited and rude” and warning that they risk damaging the reputation of the wider Christian community.

In a sermon that exposed the gap between liberal and traditional opinion, the Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, Glasgow, called the views of senior Catholics on gay marriage “unpleasant and ill-judged”. They “embarrassed” him."

"Embarrassed?" I know the feeling...

Hear and watch it all at this link (am I right in thinking the homily ends up sitting in judgement on the words of the Gospel itself?)
Yet again, words fail me. I'll just go away and bang my head against a wall in sheer frustration.

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