Monday, 16 January 2012

"The abolition of gender"

An alarming piece here from American Thinker about the attempt by elements of the 'social left' in the U.S. A. to deconstruct society's ideas of gender - sex if you prefer.
Now, of course, one could be forgiven for thinking that this is simply the wackier outer fringe of equality politics, were it not for recent rulings on the setting aside for passport and identity purposes [see here] of the original sexual identity of those who describe themselves as transgendered. In effect, here one can now choose whether to be described as male or female for means of official identification regardless of biology, regardless one might say, of the facts. But it is this latter point of respect for truth that is the crucial issue. Otherwise, in a 'free society' who cares about a person's sexual preferences or how someone dresses and describes themselves? But we should care about accuracy and known facts and not seek to alter them out of a misguided respect for subjective feelings. Christians would also add the vital importance of respecting the God-given distinctiveness and complementarity of male and female in the created order.
Tolerance as sentimentality, the elevation of preference as the supreme good and, frankly, pretence are in danger of taking over our social discourse and interaction. But, of course, the developments mentioned in the article taking place in state schools and other institutions have occurred in the U.S.A.. This is Britain; it could never happen here.
Now where have I heard that before?

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