Monday, 9 January 2012

Bishop Robert Mercer's reception; a survivor of the Holocaust, and other weekend news & comment

Bishop Robert Mercer C.R. joins the Ordinariate. A long-awaited event. Report at The Anglo-Catholic here from Fr Edwin Barnes and here on his own blog. It's interesting to see the place of his reception, Fr Dolling's old church of St Agatha's, Landport (Portsea) now under the care of the TAC. Could this turn out to be the first church / parish  of the U.K. Ordinariate? Idle speculation on my part only.

Former bishop Clarence Pope, of the Episcopal diocese of Forth Worth (as it was then)  in the U.S.A. has died aged 81 after a long illness. May he rest in peace. Full story here by George Conger

From Bishop David Chislett's blog this homily on the Epiphany by Dr Robert Crouse

Peter Hitchens [here] on the dangers inherent in trying even bad people twice for the same crime (quoting Robert Bolt's take on St Thomas More), and on the populist liberties being currently taken with the fictional occupant of 221B Baker Street. Who reads anymore anyway? Precisely.

BBC Radio 4's Sunday Worship for Epiphany yesterday came from the Vatican Observatory at Castelgandolfo. [Link here]

One of the many reasons (in retrospect) the Second World War had to be fought and pursued to the end - even at such huge cost to Great Britain and her global interests: my neighbour across the church car park in St Arvans, Mady Gerrard's story of her experience in the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Belsen [here] The second part will be broadcast in two weeks' time. Unmissable.
This is her life story here  She tells the story of how, before the Holocaust, as a little Jewish girl, Mady Goldgruber, she presented a bouquet of flowers to one Cardinal Pacelli at her town's railway station.
She went on to become a notable dress designer in the United States, making clothes for the wives of presidents and celebrities. Another example of the global village we now live in.

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