Sunday, 15 January 2012

What price 'vocation' now?

What a complete mess...

Q. Who should definitely not - ever - under any circumstances - be ordained to the episcopate?
A. Someone who would consider suing the Church if his "vocation" were not recognised.

See the report from the Mail on Sunday here
And comment from Peter Ould  here : I agree; this report sounded at first so bizarrely unlikely as to be impossible, even in today's Church of England. However, commentators seem convinced of the truth of it...
No comment from the story's protagonists - from The Guardian here

Whatever the background of this particular story, the whole saga of the modern Anglican approach to human sexuality is an object lesson in how not to do theology. But it's precisely the sort of thing which happens when an ecclesial establishment abandons its intellectual and spiritual traditions and ends up in thrall to the surrounding secular culture.
"Liberals" from other and more ancient Christian traditions who might ever be tempted to follow the Anglican example, please take note before you step into the void...

On the general subject of contemporary ecclesiastical appointments and those who make them......

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  1. Oh diddums, Deanie Wheanie Johnnie gets all upset because the naughty Church of England wont give him a pointy hattie, so he wants to make himself even more of a hard done by cause célèbre by having his day in court. As if such behaviour is not enough to prove that he’s not bishop material?
    I bet he would be the first to condemn any Anglican Traditionalists who attempted to go to law to force the church authorities to provide legally binding pastoral care for their constituency.


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