Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Roses and primroses for William Laud

Winter Ordinary Time begins today, although we could be forgiven for thinking that spring has arrived several months early. Roses and primroses are flowering together in the garden today. The freezing weather will undoubtedly come at some point, but this comparative warmth is compensation for those of us who hate the cold and have suffered over the last couple of years.

The blog Once I Was A Clever Boy reminds us [here] that Archbishop William Laud was murdered by parliamentary decree (a bill of attainder) on this day in 1645. It's hard to think that the present direction of the Church he once led is anything other than a total repudiation of his heritage and those who have sought to build upon it.
For us, Gladstones's words about Laud seem ironic, not to say tragic:
"Laud as a Churchman has lasted. He lives to-day. His opponents have mostly disappeared from off the earth. They have left consequences, but no representatives. Laud has both."
How times change.

Why incense is good for you by Fr Ed Tomlinson of the Ordinariate [here] with a link to a piece of scientific research on the subject.
For several reasons, probably more theological than medical, its use in the liturgy always makes me feel less depressed. As my old theological college principal used to say - often -  you'll have to get used to one of two smells in the next life, either incense or sulphur, so best prepare for it now...

Not exactly a winter scene

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