Friday, 20 January 2012

A Code of Practice won't do?

By an ironic twist of timing (who says the Lord doesn't have a sense of humour?) during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity the Church of England General Synod has produced an Illustrative Draft Code of Practice [here] for further marginalising  addressing the issue of traditionalists who, along with the vast majority of Christendom,  cannot accept the validity of women bishops.
I won't waste my time here writing about something which will have absolutely no relevance in a Welsh Province which, after the arbitrary withdrawal of our episcopal provision, doesn't even have the flimsy fig leaf of  a code of practice. Judge for yourselves whether the C of E's attempt addresses anyone's concerns - even those of the putative female 'bishops,' much less those of the traditionalists who strive to ensure the continuation of an orthodox 'Catholic' tradition within the provinces of Canterbury and York.
The Archbishops have tried to reassure traditionalists [here], but the ball now seems to be firmly in their court in order to ensure that this time their wishes are not treated with utter contempt by General Synod.

Fr Anthony Chadwick at a new blog writes [here] about the PNCC. It seems to allay many of the concerns expressed about its doctrinal orthodoxy.

And thanks to Anglicani,  here is a interesting link to a Orthodox (capital 'O') Western rite - the 'Anaphora of St Gregory the Great' - look familiar?

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