Monday, 2 January 2012

"...what kind of society is it that lets down so many of its young people?..."

asks the Archbishop of Canterbury in his New Year message. [Here]
And, of course, he is right to ask the question.
But how have we let them down?
We have failed them by giving them an inadequate and ideologically warped state education, by selfishly denying them a secure family life, by providing them with poor role models, by patronising them with a ludricrous cult of youth for its own sake, by not giving them safe boundaries within which to live, by cocooning them in an atmosphere of fear masquerading as safety, and circumscribing their freedom as children with absurb regulations of health and safety, by telling them by the way that we live that self-expression, fame and celebrity and money are the things to strive after. Above all, we have failed them by presenting them with a Church which has lost its grip on the things of eternity and is in abject thrall to the zeitgeist which has produced all the foregoing failures.
We could go on.
Perhaps that's not entirely what Dr Williams has in mind.

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  1. I agree 100% with each of your comments.
    Happy New Year


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