Saturday, 10 November 2012

A sense of dispossession

More evidence of a society which has taken its cultural heritage to pieces in order to 'improve' it and is now finding it just won't go back together again in anything like working order.... 

From alleged cover-up to potentially libellous witch hunt in less than a week?
Whatever concerns we may have about the impartiality and balance of the BBC, especially when reporting on religious issues, it is close to tragic to see more evidence of the declining standards of a national institution, particularly as now, from this morning's Today programme interview with Director-General George Entwhistle [here], it seems to be reduced to eating its own young. 

Alan Bennett's lament about "up-dated" hymns [here] and today's over-commercial and populist approach of another treasured British institution, The National Trust, thereby courting predictable allegations of elitism (presumably as opposed to a different kind of elitist  who will  tell us, condescendingly, that traditional language and historical accuracy are far too difficult for 'ordinary people' and the young - now where have we come across that before?)

Charles Moore's memories of Eton and Cambridge with the young evangelical Justin Welby [hereThere are many good things to say about the newly-appointed Archbishop designate; that he comes from outside the establishment (as some have claimed) is not one of them.

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