Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fr Z on top form

Talking about the wider lessons to be drawn from the Church of England's synodical melt-down and the disastrous quasi-democratic system we have lumbered ourselves with [here]
"...This is the point you need to take away.
Catholic liberals want us to have synodic government.   We are supposed to vote on things, doctrines are just “policies”, polled majority opinion reveals the sensus fidelium.  That’s more “just”!
However, the C of E vote on women bishops shows that the synodic government just produced what liberals think is an “unjust” result.
When the vote goes your liberal way, it is sensus fidelium. When it goes against you, it is dirty politics!
Remember: If there is democracy and voting, then conservatives get to vote too… unless you suppress them with purely political tactics.
The Fishwrap‘s dream of governance by societal trend and voting and majority rule is totally bankrupt.
They might respond that human beings are flawed and some problems will creep in blah blah blah but synodic rule really is better, more just, than hierarchical rule in the long run.
We then have to ask: What possible evidence can you produce for that claim? The way the C of E works? The way the Orthodox do things? The “peaceful” councils of the early Church?
The piece in The Guardian, and the way the Fishwrap and The Tablet want things to be, reminds me of how just and peaceful liberals were in the seminary hell-hole I was in in these United States. If you were faithful to Church doctrine and didn’t dissemble or kept your head low to the ground, they made your life hell or threw you out. If you were against homosexual behavior and against women’s ordination, you were in danger of getting forced to go to a psychologist before getting thrown out or sent off for a “pastoral year”.
Liberals are soooo enlightened."
How many Anglo-Catholic traditionalists (sssh, don't tell anyone) currently in Anglican theological colleges (if their DDOs allow them to get that far)  - with one, or possibly two, institutional exceptions I can think of both in England and the U.S. - would recognise that last scenario, I wonder?
A message to our [Roman] Catholic brothers and sisters? Don't go there - not that there is a cat's chance in hell that you will, & we are (or will be) eternally grateful for that! 

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