Thursday, 22 November 2012

It's only God's will when the votes go our way ...

Fr Tim Finigan [here] exposes the flagrant hypocrisy of those who are protesting so loudly about last Monday's vote in the General Synod:

Anglicans fell just two votes short of getting what they wanted

"No, Father, you got that wrong - it was six votes" I hear you say.

In fact I am referring to the vote of 1992 in favour of women priests. Back then, those who opposed women priests lost by just two votes.

But of course that was a great triumph of democracy and there was no need for the Prime Minister to say in the House of Commons how sad he was, or for a team of lawyers to start investigating ways of getting round the vote.

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  1. Father, your link is missing the final "k" of the url and thus doesn't work, but is easily fixable. On a more posititive note, I'd like to extend my sympathies to you and your co-religionists of traditional integrity at this trying time and thank you both for your blog, which is an invaluable resource for one trying to keep abreast with these matters, and also for your own comments and thoughts, which are always sincere and insightful.


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