Friday, 30 November 2012

More comment on WBs etc

More reaction reported in The Guardian yesterday  [here] to the Archbishops' Council statement earlier in the week, with some lobbyists arguing predictably for 'simpler' legislation (in other words: a measure with no provision.) 
Affirming Catholicism has also weighed in with their recommendations [here] - no surprises there, even down to their suggestion of 'proper training in gender awareness' - that is, indoctrination classes at all levels to root out 'thought crime'  in the Church of England.
But it is an indication of the anti-ecumenical, insular fantasy world occupied by many Anglican revisionists these days when AffCath can make this statement in all seriousness: "Affirming Catholicism will continue to bring to those discussions not only strong support for the consecration of women to the episcopate, but also a deep concern to maintain the Catholic ecclesiology of the Church of England. "
One might think, after the innovations they have consistently supported, it's a little late for that...


In the light of the BBC's recent coverage of religious matters, it's almost unbelievable how much the culture has changed in Britain in just thirty to forty years.
Does anyone (now middle-aged and older, I'm afraid) remember BBC Radio 4 broadcasting each week, late on a Sunday night, a service of Compline, sung, if my memory serves me right, by the Eric Barnes Singers? This was well into the 1970s and '80s; it's all pre-internet, so it's not possible to 'google' this or find recordings.
Earlier, as a young teenager, I seem to remember a radio programme broadcast on significant feast days called 'In Praise of God,'  a half hour long  meditation in words and music on the theme of the season. Today, both these broadcasts would be quite inconceivable. 
It's interesting,isn't it, living (in David Jones' phrase) "at the turn of a civilisation".  


  1. My understanding is that one of the reasons the measure failed was that there were enough people on Synod who, while in favour of women bishops, did not feel there was sufficient safeguards in place for those does who did not. If a measure with weak provisions could not get through, why do they think the same Synod will pass a new measure with none? What am I missing here? Is it that they think all the furore in the public square will pressure people into voting against their consciences next time out?

    1. Father, their stock-in-trade has been for some time getting their own way through temper tantrums, bullying and hectoring of opponents and potential allies alike, and they are quite shameless as to who they recruit as part of their campaign - non-Anglicans, non-Christians even. WATCH has become the Violet Elizabeth Bott of the Church of England - "I'll thcream and thcream 'till I'm thick"

  2. I remember a programme called 'ten to ten' on a Saturday night - it was quite influential on me, usually a gentle Christian meditation, and you're right compline was not uncommon. I have a vivid memory of the monks of Pluscarden chanting compline on Radio 4.

  3. What Aff Cath intend, I suppose,by 'Catholic ecclesiology' is episcopal absolutism with no jurisdictional exemptions within a geographical diocese. This tells us much about their current polemics and their familiarity with the history of the Church in England.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I'm sure that is what they mean; it seems very strange to attempt to separate both the theology of the sacred ministry and the normative role of apostolicity from any treatment of 'Catholic' ecclesiology. Aff Cath were, of course, also trying to be provocative...

    2. Hmm. If that is the case, they should immediately seek reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church which, as it falls under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Rome, is the communion of the local absolute jurisdiction.

      Otherwise, they are taking exactly the same position as the "traditionalist" (for want of a better word) group in the Church of England - the only slight difference being where they situate the goalposts.

      (from someone who is neither RC nor CofE, but is fascinated by the psychology of the parties involved)


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