Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Not long to wait for AbC announcement?

According to Anglican Ink [here] and other, anonymous, sources, we can expect the announcement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury before the end of the week. According to these reports (Update: including, says the BBC, the fact that bookmakers Ladbrokes have closed all betting on the result - perhaps a pinch of salt needs to be taken with this,after all, or we are to infer that those in the know in the C of E are all rushing to the betting shops!)  the new Primate of All England will be the Bishop of Durham the Rt Revd Justin Welby.
We'll have to wait for confirmation but (cautiously - as far as one can ascertain)  some of this does seem to have a ring of truth about it; in any case, a longer delay would signal an even greater crisis in the institution than previously thought possible.
We'll have to wait and see... although we must hope that the new Archbishop will not allow his website to be used for outrageous propaganda exercises in advance of crucial synodical votes like the current 'Women Bishops: Enough Waiting'' campaign, aka 'it doesn't matter if we've got it right, let's do it anyway.'
'Better Together?' It doesn't look as if everyone is on board, does it? 

Two recent and very contrasting assessments [here and hereof the present incumbent. My own view is probably somewhere between the two, neither damning nor idolising, but Anglican Catholics have always tended (fatally?) where Archbishop Rowan is concerned to mistake a genuine sympathy and understanding for their plight for something more approaching theological agreement.
Further Update 7th November: The Telegraph [here] confirms the above report, but they say we'll have to wait until Friday (at the earliest?) for it to be officially confirmed.

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