Thursday, 30 January 2014

King Charles the Martyr - the tyranny of parliaments ...?

The trial of King Charles I: an excerpt from the television series, By the Sword Divided

A question uppermost in many minds, particularly after the recent decision to attempt to redefine the nature of marriage and the unfolding consequences of previous equalities legislation, concerns the limits of legitimate parliamentary authority. Who does stand up for the ancient liberties of British subjects in a 'democratic' era in which the rights of unfashionable minorities are increasingly disregarded and in which the ancient checks and balances of tradition and historical memory are held in contempt? 

Today's anniversary reminds us that we have seen the tyranny of parliaments before in our history; we must all hope that the contemporary appeal, in the name of equality, to  a crassly majoritarian and potentially repressive approach to democratic government will be equally short lived .....


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