Monday, 13 January 2014

St Hilary of Poitiers

St Hilary was born in Poitiers at the beginning of the fourth century and elected bishop of the city in 350. He fought strongly against Arianism and because of his teaching was exiled by the Emperor Constantius. His works are full of wisdom and learning, always directed to the strengthening of the orthodox, Catholic faith and the right interpretation of Holy Scripture. He died on 13th January 368 or , some accounts say, 1st November 367.  He was named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius IX in 1851. 
"Bestow on us then the right use of terms, give light to our understanding and an agreeable style to our words, grant us loyalty to the truth. Grant that what we believe we may also speak, about you the one God he Father, and the one Lord Jesus Christ, as we learn from the apostles and prophets, and that we may succeed now in proclaiming against the denial of the heretics that you are God, yet not alone, and in preaching Jesus Christ as true and no false God."   
St Hilary:  De Trin 1: 37-38

All wisdom cometh from the Lord - Philip Moore - sung by the St. Albans Cathedral Choir with soloist Kenneth Burgess, Andrew Parnell (organ) and directed by Barry Rose.

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