Thursday, 23 January 2014

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Ancient Briton [here] is quite right about the scandal of TEC and its unchristian mania for pursuing traditionalists through the courts at exorbitant cost - funds which should be directed towards the needy. And our leaders seem to want to emulate that? They would say quite sincerely that they don't, but it is the inevitable consequence of illiberal revisionism: all else follows once we cast off the moorings of orthodoxy.

Catholicity and Covenant (and Rod Dreheron 'Why Church is meant to be difficult' 
".... What should be the case, however, is that Christian faith invites, attracts, offers meaning and purpose, enchants, and provides a community of fellow pilgrims to accompany us on the Way. 
Striking this balance between openness/welcome and depth/meaning is key.  'Accessibility' does not - as it is currently understood - strike this balance, as it is often used as justification to lessen mystery and challenge ...."
Dr Oddie at The Catholic Herald on the strange and (for those of us who long to see social harmony across faiths and cultures) worrying silence of the 'peaceable Muslim majority' [here] Sometimes wishful thinking on our part doesn't further the cause of understanding .
I seem to remember the great (and much missed) Pope Benedict getting into trouble with the world's media for daring to ask similar questions ... although, of course, more subtly - lost on most commentators in our tabloid world, naturally ....
This is Cranmer on the same subject.
Of course, fear of losing the British Muslim vote is precisely the reason our 'democratic' politicians (if they care in the slightest)  won't be at all straightforward about this ...  

Going with the theme of subtlety, Fr John Hunwicke [here] pursues the case of St Chad, 're-ordination' and all its attendant problems in terms of the Anglo-Catholic conscience. It will be very interesting to see his line of argument as it develops ...

Our future made visible? George Conger on the crisis of Washington's heterodox 'National Cathedral.' [here]

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