Saturday, 18 January 2014

Women Bishops in the Church of England - the latest drafts

The publication of the Church of England's draft House of Bishops’ Declaration and
Resolution of Disputes Procedure Regulations is given a cautious welcome by Forward in Faith here
However, the statement goes on to say: 
"...It is essential that an acceptable way of proceeding in relation to the consecration of Traditional Catholic bishops is agreed before the legislation is referred to the dioceses. Resolution of this outstanding matter is crucial for the acceptability of the package as a whole....."


  1. Joseph Golightly19 January 2014 at 10:10

    Could someone please explain what the position is when Bishop Lucy has ordained Father Brian who becomes Bishop Brian who ordains Father Albert. Is that part of the One Holy Catholic Church which the CoE claims membership of? And if Bishop Lucy is say the Bishop of London doesn't that mean that all the priests of that diocese owe here due obedience? Can some explain and help to save a move to a true Catholic Church Thanks in advance

  2. Joseph Golightly20 January 2014 at 15:39

    The lack of any response seems to me to indicate that if I want to live in a Catholic Church, the CoE (probably mean Anglican) is not possible. So a visit to my nearest presbytery looks on the agenda. What have they done!

    1. A question in return. What are we to make of any ecclesial body in which it has become necessary to plead the case for the survival of traditional (apostolic) orthodoxy? Answer the question and make your decision ... whatever it turns out to be.

    2. "What have they done?"

      Turned Swedish!

    3. Yes, as regards the Church of England.
      The other (disestablished / non-established) 'British' provinces are turning 'Episcopalian' (i.e. TEC) at an alarming speed.


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