Saturday, 12 July 2014

George Carey supports assisted dying

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to us: he was very eager to help perform a similar service for the Church of England some time ago ...

Unfortunately, Lord Carey's comments on this matter reveal a similar lack of understanding of the complexities of the issues involved as did his clumsy interventions over the ordination of women in the 1990s - Mrs Thatcher's revenge upon the Church of England indeed.
Story from The Telegraph here
In the report Dr Carey seems to be saying two things.
Firstly, that he reveals that doesn't really understand the theological and philosophical basis for the traditional Christian view of the sanctity of human life - or the likely consequences of its dilution - and, secondly,  that he thinks hard cases make good law.
From a former Archbishop of Canterbury this makes very sad reading indeed.

The present occupant of the throne of St Augustine has, at least on this issue, a surer grasp of the Christian tradition:
 "...Even if we leave to one side major difficulties in determining what legally constitutes “unbearable suffering” and “terminal illness”, the above argument is deeply flawed. Were it to be presented by a candidate in a GSCE religious education exam, I should expect an examiner to take a dim view of it...." [here]

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