Friday, 16 December 2011

Deposited ecumenical texts?

A booklet of significant texts in the [ongoing? downgraded?] dialogue between Anglicans and Roman Catholics can be ordered or downloaded [link here] from the Anglican Centre in Rome.

"The ecumenical pilgrimage is one of discoveries. Some are painful discoveries of how we are viewed by others or how we have hurt and harmed others: this requires of all of us the healing of memories.
Our joyful discoveries are what we have in common and what others can offer us.”
Thus writes Bishop Stephen Platten, the Chairman of the Anglican Centre in Rome, in his introduction to a booklet of texts significant in Anglican – Roman Catholic Relations, ranging from King James I, via Lambeth Conferences and Vatican II, up to the present day. The booklet is part of the Anglican Centre’s work of building friendly and informed relations, and helps to put the new ARCIC III conversations into context..."
Whether or not we think, in the wake of unilateral innovations by Anglican provinces, we can place any hope whatsoever in the future of 'official' ecumenical dialogue between the Anglican Communion and Rome, this is well worth reading - even if only as a matter of historical interest or what might have been had things turned out differently. Some have said that agreements and past achievements are always 'in the bank' to be dusted down and withdrawn to be used in the future. Sadly, as things are, it seems unlikely that this particular bank will have many customers - always with the ultimate proviso that "with God all things are possible."

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