Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Now it's the Gospel according to Tesco

So, the British supermarket giant, Tesco, who many of us have suspected for a while of seeking world domination of the retail trade, has (through the words of one of its senior executives) seen fit to pontificate on moral theology and the 'evil' of those who uphold traditional Christian teaching on sexuality and the definition of 'marriage.' Whatever our views may be on the latter, surely this is a step too far.... one might have thought.....
Whatever happened to the customer is always right? They must be very confident of their market share at a time of economic recession. I look forward to the Tesco view on the relationship between God and mammon.  Although, from a store which puts up its Christmas trees on 31st October......
It will have to be Waitrose after all, despite the extra miles in the car.
See Fr Ray Blake's blog [here] for the full story

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  1. Fortunately he made the comment as a private individual rather than as a representative of his employers. However idiotic the consequences may sometimes be, we have to defend the rights of free thought and free speech.


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