Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Shoot 'em!

While the Prime Minister calls (selectively) for a return to the Christian values which are the foundation of our society, the Inspectorate of Constabulary in a report published today states that police officers could 'lawfully' have shot arsonists in some cases during the summer rioting in England, [See here]

Mob violence, riots, and now advocacy of the use of live weapons in response - another nail in the coffin of the civilised Britain we used to know and love? This recommendation itself is symptomatic enough.
Welcome to the modern world. Thus we have made it.


  1. I think it a bit OTT to say that the report 'advocates' the use of live weapons. It says that their deployment may have been 'lawful'.

  2. The implication being, surely, that it will also be lawful in the future. Not a green light exactly, but certainly more than a nod in that direction.

  3. I agree, but still feel that 'advocates' implies pleading the cause for the use of live weapons which goes a lot further than the realm of possibility or even legality.


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