Monday, 19 December 2011

Fog in channel, continent's Christians isolated

THE Bishop of Guildford, the Rt Revd Christopher Hill, who chairs the House of Bishops’ Europe Panel, said on Wednesday that it would be “disastrous” for Britain to become “isolated from the rest of Europe”. He was speaking after the Prime Minister blocked changes to the Lisbon Treaty at a summit in Brussels last week.

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As someone has commented to me, this is presumably why over the past 20 years Bishop Hill and his Anglican episcopal colleagues have pursued policies which have caused the Church of England to become isolated from the major Christian body on the Continent? I can't say fairer than that - except perhaps to add,  isolated from the second largest Christian body in Europe, too. (See here).
Yet another example of establishment myopia; let's not be too cruel and call it hypocrisy - it is nearly Christmas, after all.

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  1. Don't forget, Father, that Bavarian Ben's outfit is not the only major historic church on the continent. The Scandinavian and Baltic Lutheran churches, for all their faults, are the other, and we have moved a lot closer to them recently through the Porvoo agreement.


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