Thursday, 1 December 2011

Keeping up appearances

There's an interesting post here from the Revd Dr Peter Mullen at the Daily Telegraph on the synodical process in England and the lies (his word) told about the protections for the traditional minority when, in all likelihood, the Act of Synod will shortly be repealed.
In Wales of course, there was no Act of Synod,  and the 'moral guarantees' given to traditionalists which, we were assured, counted for far more than constitutional provisions, were removed for the same reason as they were orginally granted, that of political expediency. A Provincial Assistant Bishop was granted by episcopal fiat when the revisionists needed synodical votes to pass their legislation. When the votes became irrelevant, the favour could be withdrawn.  Not exactly a principled stance, some might argue, but it's a good example of the stark exercise of realpolitik which, under the surface, now holds sway among us. And for the most part, life goes on; it's business as usual.
I can't think what prompted this observation, but today everything looks and sounds much the same - the vestments are as beautiful, the music as mellifluous, the incense smells as sweet as it ever did, the mitres in procession catch the declining rays of the winter afternoon sun. Everything is the same - except in apostolic essentials, and who is now left to speak about those?

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  1. Father: I read the last paragraph several times.

    Roman Catholics can only imagine the pain you must feel now that the apostolic succession you had counted on is at risk of ending and with it sacramental assurance. Please be assured that many are praying for you.


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